Inspection is an extensive, intense process that could take up to a few days and it is a thorough inspection of the vessel's tructural and watertight integrity, installed machinery and equipment, operating condition, as well as an assessment of its condition.


The number one reason to perform regular hull inspections is for the peace of mind of knowing that your vessel is in good shape. You want to be sure that there are no cracks, leaks, dents or hull irregularities that can compromise your hull as time passes.


There are times when you as a ship owner, a bank, an insurance company etc. might need an inspection report in your hands.


Technical Inspection of the Ship aims maintenance planning, preparation for repair (also before and during Dry Docks). Other than that aims to enable the managers to determine whether the ship conforms to acceptable standards.


Sale and purchase inspection aims decision making for purchase and costs.


Damage Survey aims to determine the nature, location and extent of the damage, determine the temporary repairs and/or other measures/conditions necessary to enable the ship to proceed to the repair harbour.


We are there for you and shall tailor the services to your needs including.


Inspection report generally includes (with photos);


  • General Information & Vessel Particulars
  • Effectiveness Of Ism System
  • Safety, Security & Environmental Management
  • Structural (Hull) Condition
  • Cargo Systems Assessment
  • Operations Ability (For Work Boats)
  • Machinery Management / Assessment (Planned Maintenance)
  • Bridge (Navigation & Communication) Management
  • Holds - Ventilation, Lighting Securing
  • Condition Of Cranes
  • Inspection Summary


According to your preferences the inspection can include the whole vessel or can be limited to a specific part.


Please feel free to contact us and we will help you to find a solution to any pressing matter. We are ready to be deployed to any location to undertake the ship inspection on board. Our team works under strict HSEQ policies on board.


Who carries out the inspection?


Inspectors with more than thirty years of shipyard and ship experience conduct inspections on board with rigorous work.



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